Be Faithful, Reliable, Trustworthy, and Dependable, in Every Area of My Life

Faithfulness is a commodity that is in short supply.

Faithfulness – or fidelity – is that quality of reliability – or trustworthiness – which makes a person someone upon whom you can utterly rely – and whose word you can believe, receive, and accept.

That is in short supply – even within the visible Church.

Over these past few weeks and months I have given myself to reading and studying carefully, on this crucial topic of The Fruit of the Spirit, in Galatians Chapter 5. Do read it. Do take time and make time to read it. There is invariably a rich and enriching blessing for those who read God’s Holy Word.

Jesus Christ wants to grow in us, through the Holy Spirit, this quality of faithfulness.

Jesus is showing us how to live in the Kingdom of God while still around in this present world – this present evil age.

These qualities speak about life and maturity and being a branch in the vine.

The fruit is not so that we will be admired for living a useful profitable fruitful life, but so that others may pluck and eat the fruit and live and be nourished.

In Luke Chapter 24 at verse 13 onwards, on that Resurrection afternoon, towards evening time, these two men were walking along the road to Emmaus and Jesus appears as they make their way out of Jerusalem.

Jesus is so faithful. He said He would rise.

He said He would be raised.

He promised to meet His disciples after He had been dead.

He sets the pattern for keeping His Word.

Later that day, the disciples are gathered in that Upper Room in Jerusalem.
They are so afraid, and the risen Jesus appears. He turns up.

Thomas missed it all because he was missing.

You can miss a lot when you are not in fellowship along with all the others.

You can miss meeting Jesus – seeing Jesus – and hearing Jesus.

Thomas had to wait a week. That must have been a long week.

Did he wonder if he would ever see Jesus – will I ever meet Jesus? Will I ever hear that voice again?

Might you be in this situation as you read this piece? Does this describe something of your circumstances?

“Lord Jesus Christ, help me see clearly, that unless I live in the truth and by the truth I cannot remain as faithful as You would want me to be. Help me to be faithful to You – and also to others – in all areas of my life – reliable – trustworthy – dependable. Risen living Lord Jesus Christ, help me. I so need your help.”